After 3000 years Huichol Art finally arrives to the south east region of Mexico. A clash of cultures and ancient knowledge is presented on one of the biggest art expositions ever been presented by the WIXARITARI culture.

Sacred Symbology

Each art piece is a representation of the visions that each artist has, receiving inspiration from the spirits they manage to transform it into the images that we can apreciate . This is an important gift given by the gods, the power of their rituals let the images come to live and transmutate for centurys.


This gigantic mastodon lived aproximatly from 3.7 to 10,000 years ago.
Its fossils have been found from alaska to el salvador.
This piece represents the ancestral knowledge of the grandparents of the Wixarika culture whose talent and spiritual connection grant them the gift to elaborate pieces that incorporate ancient symbols and rituals that they manage to transmit with their healing hands.