In the heart of our welcoming space stands a magnificent art piece created by Huichol artist José de la Cruz. A masterpiece that captures the essence of the sun.

 As you approach this sacred archway, we invite you to take a moment of prayer and reflection. In doing so, you will not only explore the depths of self-awareness but also connect with the profound relationship that various cultures share with the sun, a symbol of life, balance, and spirituality.

The Wixarika Connection:
The Wixarika tribe, known as «Huichol», hold the sun in the highest regard. To them, the sun represents more than just a celestial body; it is a deity, a source of warmth, light, and life-giving energy. In their cosmology, the sun embodies the delicate balance of masculine and feminine principles, symbolizing creation’s duality. This balance is reflected not only in their rituals but also in their art.

The Huichol people celebrate the sun’s movements and cycles through intricate ceremonies and rituals. The annual pilgrimage to Wirikuta, a sacred desert site, exemplifies this connection. Here, they make offerings and perform rituals to honor and connect with this vital deity, emphasizing the Huichol belief in a profound connection between humanity and the su.


After 3000 years Huichol Art finally arrives to the south east region of Mexico. A clash of cultures and ancient knowledge is presented on one of the biggest art expositions ever been presented by the WIXARITARI culture.

Beaded Art

Sacred Symbology

La galería de arte popular Yawí , presenta la primera exposición de arte huichol en la ciudad de Tulum en colaboración con el hotel Ikal . Ven y disfruta del mas exquisito arte huichol de méxico directamente en la galería al aire libre , no te lo piedas!​

Yarn Paintings